LEADER what is it ?

LEADER (Liaison between Actions for the Development of the Rural Economy) is a European program for rural development which aims to support the development of rural areas.

Territorial component of the EAFRD (European Agricultural and Rural Space Development Fund), LEADER is designed as an approach to support multi-sector strategies, developed and administered by the territories and thus gives the territories a framework conducive to the emergence of collective and quality projects. This program involves actors from different worlds of territories, public or civil society, on all the themes developed in the territory. (short circuit, energy transition, culture, tourism, local economy, etc.)

The program is today the embodiment of Europe in rural areas, and a symbol of European policy for rural areas, like the ERASMUS program for students.

What is a Local Action Group ?

Europe entrusts local actors, grouped together in a Local Action Group (LAG), with an envelope aimed at co-financing public or private projects that promote the development of rural areas. This partnership of public and private actors, called Local Action Group (LAG), implements a local development strategy. The originality of the approach is based on the strong involvement of local actors, and on innovative projects relating to both animation and regional development. The LAG is responsible for developing and implementing the strategy defined in the given territory.

The LAG is the local interlocutor of project leaders : It provides technical and administrative support.

The potential beneficiaries of this program are the promoters of private projects (entrepreneurs, associations, groups, etc.) or publics (municipalities, community of municipalities, associated organizations).